Exploring your "Best Self" ! M&G brings goodies for the 2023 school year

Release Date:2023-08-17

Around mid to late August, the annual Shanghai Book Fair and the South China Book Festival returned to their “regular haunt”, arrivingon schedule at the Shanghai Exhibition Center and the main venue of Canton Fair Area B in Guangzhou, respectively, to hold "readingtime" for the two cities.

A favorite stationery brand in China, M&G appeared at the two book fairs with its new products, warmly offering consumers a series of stationery and stationery products, actively advocating lifestyles that feature the love of reading and writing, encouraging students to record their growth, explore the world, and explore their "bestselves" with a single stroke.

Explore to your heart's content while reading journals and discover your "best self".

In recent years, book fairs around the world have continued to make breakthroughs and innovations, attempting to "break the mold" through a variety of ways, launching diversified, multi-dimensional,and online/offline forms of reading, so that reading can beintegrated into the daily lives of more young people, encouraging them to explore the world and grow through books.

Wandering into M&G's booth, a cool sci-fi "Space Station"attracted many viewers to stop by. Designed to give the impression of the experience of landing on Mars and roaming the vast universe, the booth also featured physical interpretations of story chapters and other experiential activities, which created a full sense of participation for visitors. M&G hopes to encourage young people to explore the starry universe and the vast oceans of books with a single stroke through a creative card-punching method, aiming to help the book fair further break the mold.

As the main consumer force of generation Z and A, everyone has "me"written on them. The universe is full of infinite, vibrant potentialfor life, waiting for "me" to discover. At a time when the people are working toward the dream of being a spacefaring nation,based on insights in consumption, M&G has begun cooperation with the China Space Museum to launch a new product for the opening season of 2023 - the “Hello! Mars" series. This skill fully combines aerospace elements with product features, and debuted at the book fair.

At the start of every school year, M&G launches a wave of "M&G Back to School" marketing, triggering emotional resonance amongst students. This year, M&G will continue to accompany students on their start of a new journey of exploring the world and themselves. M&G offers the affirmation that "each person has the courage to outwardly explore the infinite universe and inwardly discover a vibrant life," encouraging students to be brave enough to be their "best selves”!

A one-stop shop for goodies to help you start your school journey

If you want to do a good job, you have to start with good tools. As students embark on their "road of exploration" and enter anew stage of their studies, it is natural that they will need the support of good equipment and need to buy all kinds of things for thenew semester! At the book fair, M&G brought a series of must-haveitems for the school year, from writing tools, school bags, and painting products to smart learning machines. Everything can be found in one place, aiming to bring a different experience to parents andcreate a sense of ceremony before the start of the school year.

Based on consumer feedback insights, M&G has made continuous breakthroughs and innovations in recent years, launching a series of writing instruments recognized by the market, such as the Writing Connoisseur, U-Grip, and the King of Ink to continuously improve consumers' writing experience. Among them, the flagship “Writing Connoisseur”product within the "Hello! Mars" series boasts a cool aerospace sci-fi theme appearance with silent push,ultra-soft silicone grip and other designs. This innovative designwon the 2023 CSID China Cultural and Office Supplies Innovation and Design Competition Product Award.

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Meanwhile,M&G has launched a series of products specifically developed for school-age children to accompany them in their healthy and happygrowth. Among them, the intelligent three-machine series of M&G Smart Chinese Pinyin Trainer, Oral Arithmetic Machine and Morning Reading Machine offer scientific difficulty grading, allowing children to learn happily and spell more efficiently.

M&G's MARCO and CARIOCA series of safe, high-quality and innovative painting products allow children to enjoy every stroke of creativity.Beckmann, the Norwegian high-end professional spine protection schoolbag under M&G, also offered a number of new products to provide students and parents with high-quality and diversified product choices.

Exploremore possibilities of stationery to meet the needs of the youth

With the rejuvenation of consumer groups and consumption concepts,stationery consumption is trending toward creativity,personalization, and environmental protection. M&G continues to penetrate more deeply into different niche circles, launching stationery products beloved by young people, injecting new content and possibilities into traditional stationery.

At the book fair, M&G brought a series of high-quality products,such as the "Summer Cha Cha Cha" series that brings a touch of coolness to hot summer days, "Kasper and Lisa" full of their French romance, and "Paulina" the adorable healinggirl. "Paulina" and other popular IP cross-border serieswere created to meet the diversified cultural and creative needs of consumers.

Write a greener life. As the first listed company in China's stationery industry to publish an ESG report, M&G uses sustainable products as a vehicle to advocate sustainability practices to more young consumers, starting from the small things in their lives, to create a better future together. At the book fair,low-carbon and environmentally friendly products such as M&G's first Carbon Neutral Series, which is made from recycled plastic from recycled food containers, drew positive attention and reinforced M&G's brand image of being compassionate and responsible.

In the fast-paced city life, a good book and stationery have the healingpower to make people feel good about life and relieve stress. As an old friend of the Shanghai Book Fair and the South China Book Festival, M&G has grown alongside numerous generations for more than 30 years. M&G insists on compassionately making qualitystationery, and extends this warmth to the book fair site,encouraging more young people to fall in love with reading andwriting, and to record their growth and explore their "bestselves" through experiences in books.

In the future, M&G will continue to dig deeper into consumer needs,explore and innovate, and provide consumers with more diversified purchasing choices from stationery to cultural and creative life, soas to spark a better life through compassionately crafted products!