Our History
  • M&G Stationery released the "2021 Environmental, Social, and Governance Report," becoming the first listed company in the Chinese stationery industry to release an ESG report, leading the industry in sustainable development.

  • M&G Stationery held a cloud signing ceremony with the Norwegian schoolbag brand Beckmann.

  • Brought Israeli design brandPeleg Design to attend CIIE, announced establishment of Israel office of its global design center.

  • M&G Stationery acquired Axus Stationery as its subsidiary. Brought Italian painting brand-CARIOCA to attend CIIE.

  • M&G Stationery explored new retail in the industry and started the strategic transformation of “ taking brand as the core and transforming from stationery to cultural and creative life"; M&G Colipu successfully acquired Office Depot (China).

  • M&G Stationery officially listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange A shares (stock code: 603899).

  • 2013 M&G Shanghai Industrial Park was completed and put into operation. It boasts one of the largest automatic stereoscopic warehouses in the Chinese stationery industry.

  • The first "franchise chain" project was launched in the stationery industry. At the same time, the Guangming Park was completed, and China Writing Instrument Center and China Writing Instrument Industrial Base were established, establishing the Company's leading position in the stationery industry.

  • Selected as the designated stationery supplier of Boao Forum for Asia and has provided support for Boao Forum for Asia for more than one decade.

  • K35, the first press gel pen in China, came out after 180 days of process debugging and 17 process optimization, creating M&G classic products with ingenuity.

  • M&G settled in Liuli, Pudong, with more than 100 employees. It has successively established mold, injection, printing and assembly workshops, and the production system has begun to take shape.

  • The "M&G" trademark was officially launched, establishing the development path of the brand. The Company cooperated with stationery agents across the country and established partnerships.

  • As the first step in start-up the Company was built in two small bungalows in Hengshan Village, Gurao Town, Shantou.