M&G Invited to Attend 2023 Sustainable Development Goals Summit, First to Sign the "Sustainable Development Industry Consensus" Initiative

Release Date:2023-09-20

Recently,the second United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Summit was held in New York, USA. This is the highest level summit of the United Nations in the field of sustainable development. As the only representative of China's stationery industry, M&G was one of the first to sign the "Business in Action - Consensus on Sustainable Industrial Development" initiative. Chen Zidan, Chief Sustainability Officer of M&G, was invited to attend the summit's "Industrial  Sustainable Innovation 2023" official sideevent, and held discussions with a number of global business representatives. Chen Zidan, Chief Sustainability Officer of M&G,was invited to attend the official side event on "Industrial Sustainable Innovation 2023" to discuss the sustainable development of business practices with representative companies fromthe global business community.

As the main force in tackling industrial green transformation, the business community, within the context of the "30-60"dual-carbon target and Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations, is leading by example by making efforts to promote sustainable development, a win-win for the global economy, social well-being, and ecology. M&G, Wuliangye, Huaxi Bio, Feihe and other representative enterprises of the business sector signed the"Business in Action - Consensus on Sustainable Industrial Development" initiative committing to promote high-quality development with practical applications, support the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and are forging a new path of sustainable development with responsible business practices.

At the forum's panel discussion on "Green Innovation Enabling Sustainable Consumption and Production", Chen Zidan shared M&G’s achievements and practices in terms of green transformation. "The exploration of China's stationery industry in the field of sustainability has only just begun, and in the world's largest stationery consumer market, our opportunities and challenges are enormous. M&G has always insisted on doing the right thing. Only by adhering to a long-term perspective and continuously creating value for businesses in sustainable practices can we realize sustainable business development."

"Write a greener life". M&G uses sustainable products as a vehicle to encourage more young consumers practice sustainability starting from the small things in their lives to create a better future. In 2023, M&G launched the first carbon-neutral stationery series in collaboration with Meituan's "Lush Mountain Plan", which was a gift to the forum. Each carbon neutral pen is made of recycled plastic from recycled lunch boxes,which reduces carbon emissions from about 2.3g of plastic. This is a brand new initiative by M&G in the field of sustainable products,and pushes the industry towards a more sustainable future.

Founded over 30 years ago, M&G is a stationery brand that has grown alongside generations of Chinese people, has continued to insist on compassionately creating quality stationery, actively promotes the employment of sustainable strategies, and leads the industry insustainable development. M&G will continue to support the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and show the international community that China's business community has a firmcommitment towards international responsibility.