Insisting on compassionate product innovation, M&G wins several awards in the 2023 CSID Competition

Release Date:2023-06-02

One of the world's largest consumers of cultural office supplies, China's cultural office supplies industry is currently in a crucial stage of development and evolution, from bigger to stronger. As stated in the National 14th Five-Year Plan and 2035 Vision, we ought to adhere to innovation-driven development, and consumer choices in cultural office supplies has become an integral part of the pursuit of high-quality work, study and life.

2023 CSID China Cultural and Office Supplies Innovation Design Competitionis organized by China Industrial Design Association, adhering to the principle of "foreseeing innovation trends and creating futureliving", and has collected 2,937 works from 232 colleges anduniversities, 122 enterprises and related design organizations across the country, with a total of 238 pieces of outstanding works selectedto compete for the top awards.

As one of the world's largest stationery manufacturers, M&G's products, which addressed the critical needs of consumers, stood outwith their innovative designs and won a number of awards in the product category of this year's CSID competition.

Among them, the Morningstar Mojo Adjustable Grip Neutral Pen won the Supreme Award, the most prestigious award for innovation and designin the product category of this year's CSID Competition, thanks to its original Mojo cushioning device.

M&G has always been committed to improving the user experience of writing instruments. Different consumers have different strengths, postures,and habits, so it is difficult to create a product that is suitablefor all of them.

The adjustable sheath of the Mojing Neutral Pen features two modes: when the locking ring is closed, the pen grip is firm; when the locking ring is open, the pen grip is more elastic. Consumers can adjust the sheath according to their preferences, thus allowing customizabilityfor a more comfortable and suitable grip, solving the problem of hand fatigue caused by prolonged writing. The design has obtained anational utility model patent and a design patent.

To provide a solution for children aged 4-12 to correct improper pencilgrip and write with more ease, M&G and Tongji University's School of Design and Creativity have jointly developed the Excellent Gripseries, and are constantly update the products to meet differentpersonalized consumer needs.

The entire series is designed with a heavy focus on improved precisionand grip. The innovative use of antibacterial materials in the U-Gripseries makes it more hygienic to use, winning it the Gold Award in the Student Stationery category of the Product Group in this year's CSID Competition.

In addition, the M&G Drop Resistant Mute Correction Tape and the Writing Connoisseur Mute Push Action Neutral Pen also won the Silver Award in the Student Stationery Category and the Silver Award in the Office Supplies Category of the Product Group. The award-winning products were displayed in the CSF Culture Club's OutstandingInnovative Design Achievements of China's Cultural Office Supplies Exhibition Zone.

Meanwhile,as a highly recognized brand in the wooden pencil industrydomestically and internationally, Marco, a subsidiary of M&G,participated in the competition with two products - 7088 Skin-Friendly Lacquer Professional Art Charcoal Pencil and Skin-Sensitive Lacquer Leather Tip Pencil. Marco won the Bronze Awardfor Professional Drawing Materials in the Product Category and theBronze Award for Office Supplies by virtue of the innovative designconcepts of the country's first water-based Skin-Sensitive Lacquerprocess.

M&G adheres to being "consumer-oriented" and insists on compassionate creation of quality stationery. It has invested morethan RMB 100 million annually in technology R&D and product innovation, and currently has more than 1,000 patents. Its product design has won four major international industrial design awards -Germany's iF Award, Red Dot Award, Japan's G-mark, and the IDEA ofthe U.S. In addition, it has also won several Golden Dot DesignAwards, Red Star Awards, and other heavy weight design awards, which demonstrates M&G's international first-class design strength.

Investingdeeply in a niche industry. In the future, M&G will continue topromote product transformation through excellent innovative design,effectively promote the transformation of China's cultural and officesupplies industry from a production powerhouse to a high-levelinnovation powerhouse and, together with many stationery brands, leadthe stationery industry toward a culture of high quality.