Brand story

CARIOCA is the first felt-tip pen manufacturer in Europe, and its technology is at the world's leading level in the field of children's art. All paint-related products have passed the EU safety test, complying with world-class quality and safety standards. CARIOCA consistently maintains quality control, ensuring traceability  for every batch of products.

For more than 50 years, CARIOCA has been the symbol of the best made in Italy, with products designed to develop children’s creativity. The localized series of products are mainly targeted at the market of young children and are all made with the utmost attention, quality and safety. 

Focused on children, beloved by parents. In response to consumers’ needs, CARIOCA developed a series of functional products that specifically address consumers' pain points. For example, Super Washable Markers, Safety Markers with Moisturizing Ink, etc. Carioca is dedicated to continuously breaking through and improving product function and quality.

    The brand new packaging design features genius representatives of Da Vinci, Newton, Van Gogh, and Albert Einstein, symbolizing the idea that ‘Self-learning Children are the Best! ’