Brand story

Jiu Mu Sundries Club, an independent brand under M&G Stationery, was founded in Shanghai in 2016. It is a cultural and creative collectables store.

"Sundries" originally referred to miscellaneous and useless collected objects, but Jiu Mu Sundries Club gives these small objects more emotions, creativity and functions via literature and creativity. This infuses the sundries with meaning and beauty in a way that improves quality of life.

Always committed to integrating culture and creativity into every corner of life, we have picked out over 1,000 goodies for culture and creativity lovers, including original cultural and creative products, cooperative IP products, and selected licensed culture and creativity products. Each time you enter a Jiu Mu Sundries Club, you immerse yourself in a restorative space where you can poke around, finding objects to dazzle your eyes and move your heart.

Buying a creative item is the beginning of engaging in a creative life. Recording your life on paper, healing with good things, and appreciating the world in poetry are all creative lifestyles advocated by Jiu Mu Sundries Club. In Jiu Mu Sundries Club, you can dress your life to your heart's content, find love, enrich your heart, and genuinely feel the creative life within your grasp.

As of September 2023, Jiu Mu Sundries Club has opened over 570 stores in 56 cities across the country. In these stores, you can experience the thrill of shopping with its warmth and healing powers. Online shopping apps such as Tmall, Jitterbug, and Jingdong allow cultural and creative enthusiasts to discover the beauty of the world in the convenience of their homes. Eleme and Meituan, delivering these goodies to the homes of cultured and creative people, add invaluable convenience to sustaining a creative and cultured life. Nowadays, shopping at Jiu Mu Sundries Club has become an essential part of the discovery of beauty and enjoyment of the cultured and creative life.