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Whether you're interested in selling our products as a distributor or just looking to make a single bulk order, we're thrilled about your interest in our products and look forward to helping you find a solution.

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  • Corporate Gifts Bulk Orders

    Corporate Gifts Bulk Orders

    M&G products make the perfect gift for your employees or clients.

    For example, our Stationery Set line of portable personal stationery are always welcome companions for today's individual customize age. High quality metal gel pen and compact designs notebook help ensure that your most important partners stay connected to what matters most -- you, of course.

    For corporate and bulk orders, we're happy to arrange discounts, dedicated logistics, and expedited shipping. We can also arrange to add your custom logo to our products and packaging. Let us know what your needs are, and we can find the best solution for you.

  • Government Education Solutions

    Government Education Solutionss

    M&G is honored to serve our government and education customers with very important sales support.

    M&G has already served government, and education customers with products that empower. For example, our M&G Examination line of stationery set serve as reliable support for student users to stay a perfect condition during the exam. In education,our desktop stationery and File and Fold products help teachers can focus on students’ educate.

    For government and education bulk orders, we're happy to arrange discounts, dedicated logistics, and expedited shipping. We can also arrange to add your custom logo to our products and packaging. Let us know what your needs are, and we can find the best solution for you.

  • M&G Global Partner(Channel Partner Program)

    M&G Global Partner(Channel Partner Program)


    M&G Global partners


    M&G has forged the best industry cooperation chain through cooperating with the top suppliers in the world to integrate the most advanced manufacturing processes all over the world into a design and production system that leads the tide of the pen-making industry.


    >>PREMEC SA Swiss Tips

    >>DOKUMENTAL German Ball Pen Oil-based 

    >>Ink MIKUNI COLOR LTD Japanese Gel Ink


    M&G has chosen the most powerful terminal dealers as its strategic cooperation partners in the international market. Through the strong terminal network of these dealers, the products of M&G have made their way into more than 10 countries in the world and implemented the goal of synchronizing sell in the globe.


    >>Wal-Mart USA

    They are the closest cooperation partners of M&G! They are supporting and witnessing the growth and glory of M&G.

    The Global Partner, the testimony of glory!

    We welcome the partners, who have already built the distribution channels and who are interested in distributing the high quality branded products, to join in the M&G global family.


    M&G advantages

    >>Components from worldly recognizable suppliers to ensure quality and safety.

    >>Stable monthly production of 90 million finished pens to satisfy clients’ needs.

    >>16-step quality control process to avoid product defaults

    >>All-indoor production to guarantee the quality stability

    >>International team of designers, engineers and sales specialists.


    Channel Partner features & benefits


     One market, one partner

    M&G will only choose one qualified partner and sign the exclusive agreement after the trial period which normally takes one year. 


      Proven Experience and Financial Stability 

    M&G has been involved in the stationery market for more than 20 years, so partners can rest easy knowing M&G is a stable and reliable business partner for whom can work with in the long run.


     Better Price and low limitation on MOQ

    M&G will provide better quotation than OEM products to support partners and there is very low limitation on MOQ. 


    Marketing supports 

    M&G has the marketing team to support our partners to expand the market and increase the brand awareness and reputation.


    Diverse products to satisfy needs

    With products that range from writing instruments(gel pens, ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils, highlighters…) to other stationeries(school bags, pencil cases, rulers, erasers, notebooks …), M&G can provide various products to help partners satisfy the consumers’ various needs.



    Requirements for Channel Partner Partners need to provide the following information


    >>company background introduction

    >>successful cases

    >>distribution channel introduction

    >>sales and marketing plan for M&G brand products


    M&G products are available worldwide both under our own M&G brand as well as under other world famous brands. Find out more about the new benefits M&G is offering today and boost your sales immediately!

  • Other business type

    Other business type

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